ATOM Winter Conference

Use of Force Skills – From Transfer to Deployment
Speakers: L.O.C.K.U.P. -  Lt. Kevin Dillon (Retired) and Pete Soulis
Post approved 15 credits, #9038-0170

February 26-27, 2014   8:00am-5:00pm each day
Minneapolis Airport Marriott
(Sleeping Rooms are being held at $133++ per night. Cut off date 1/26/2014  Call 800-228-9290 and mention ATOM)
2020 American Blvd., East
Bloomington, MN  55425
$225 Member, $250 Non-member
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An informal networking session following the class on Wednesday is open to all.  An opportunity to speak to the presenters
and other instructors from different agencies.

A comprehensive workshop lecture presentation by Lt Kevin Dillon (Ret) and Officer Pete Soulis. 
Lt. Dillon will discuss law enforcement use of force training from its selection, transfer, retention, deployment to court.  Providing Evidence based training concepts to personnel and not rely on misconceptions or unsubstantiated beliefs.  Discussion on how to track, trend, evaluate and report effectiveness of content delivered to officers. Lt. Dillon will discuss the pitfalls of law enforcement training and how to develop quantifiable evidence to support material being instructed to your personnel.

• Understanding the principals of risk management for officer safety.
• Evidence based training methods.
• Teaching methods – fads and fiction.
• Curriculum selection, what, when, why and how?
•  Instructor qualification and continuing education.
•  Time allotment vs. content covered for maximum retention.
•  Performance-based accountability vs. testing.
•  Discussion on defendable lesson plans.
•  Tips on how to enhance transfer and retention of material.
•  Connecting instruction to management, organization, and accountability.
•  Developing qualified Use of Force Assessment Team

Officer Pete Soulis will explore the dynamics of winning armed encounters in close quarters.  Officer Soulis has been involved in multiple live fire engagements and will present factual documentation of police related shootings for which the instructor was directly or indirectly involved in. This presentation is intended to provide attendees with firsthand accounts of what actually occurs during deadly force encounters and what’s needed to win a deadly force encounter. The focus will be reality based training and developing the automatic pre-programmed response.

• Tactical Considerations (taking personal responsibility for training)
• Psychophysiological dynamics of combat and how it relates to shooting performance during close quarter engagements.
• Developing situational awareness as it relates to pre-assault indicators.
• One handed vs. two handed fighting.
• Evidence Based Training
• Integration of combat training
• The Survival Triangle and the three elements need to create it.
• Identify the methods/techniques for enhanced firearms proficiency.
• How to develop a “warrior” mindset
• Common fatal errors made by law enforcement.
• Benefits of being physically/mentally prepared to meet aggression, and the lethal consequences of indecisiveness

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, author of The Bullet-Proof Mind and the Pulitzer nominated On Killing included Officer Pete Souls’ 1997 deadly force gun battle in his book On Combat.  In this engagement Pete Soulis suffered five shots during the engagement and fatally wounded the armed and violent suspect.